St. Gregory Church Community Center Rental

Our community center is available to the public for rent.  The community center is available most week days and one night per weekend.

Features:  Large open space
          Round table setup for 160 people
          Recatange table setup for an additional 340 people
          Full caterer's kitchen
          8 Bathrooms
          Space for band and dance floor
          Risers for head table

Prices (As of January 1, 2014):   Full hall (6 hours) $700
                                           Half hall (6 hours) $450
                                           Half Barrel of Beer $150
                                           Soda (2 liter) $2.50
                                           Kitchen (included in price)

For availability and pricing, please contact us at (618) 452-1915.
We reserve the right to modify all prices due to availability and seasonality.

Սուրբ Գրիգոր Լուսաւորիչ Հայց. Առք. Եկեղեցի
Saint Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Apostolic Church